My family is coming to my house tomorrow and they threatened to boycott if a Tofurkey showed up. But I’ve never eaten one and I really wanted to and I live next door to the vegan store and it’d been a long day–I just had to. So maybe I should revise that survey and state that my most extravagant food purchase was the tofurkey for tonight. I had no idea that it would take 3 hours to cook frozen, so I thawed it in the microwave, popped it in the oven while I was working on a pie for tomorrow’s feast, slopped some frozen snow peas in 15 minutes before it was done, pulled the tofu football out, and sliced it up.

You know what? It tastes kinda turkeyish. I mean, the texture is way off–it’s too dense–but the flavor wasn’t too bad. Not turkey, but not tofu. Or seitan. Or TVP or whatever that thing is made out of–don’t tell me, I really don’t want to know. And now I’m stuffed. I feel like I ate too much turkey like my mom and brother and his wife will tomorrow, tryptophan and all.

Tomorrow I’ll be cooking more legitimate food, never fear, so those pictures and recipes will be up soon. But for now I’m going to laze around in the delicious fake meat-ness that is the all-American, all-processed, all-salty Tofurkey.

Happy Thanksgiving all!