Dear world, meet my new kitchen, soup pot and all:

Yes, the place is small–I don’t even have a silverware drawer–but it’s my own. My own dear kitchen. My own dear kitchen with a nice tile counter, a gas stove, a teeny tiny oven, and a refrigerator that is all my own!!! I feel like I’ve dropped into heaven!

Oh, and meet Brautigan:

He’s the kitty I adopted that, unfortunately no longer lives with me. He was only 8 or 9 months old, a growing cat who needs lots of space to run and play and bounce around it. My 250 sq ft apartment didn’t cut it. So I did a cat switch with my mom. I got the two siamese cats in exchange–Sheba, a bitchy 11 year old lass who hides under the bed and hisses, and Mistoffelees, a 4 year old who used to be really playful until he went through rounds and rounds of urinary tract infections and is now just fat. I mean, they’re sweet cats, dont’ get me wrong, but I miss Brautigan already, and it’s only been a few hours. He was my dream cat. But I just couldn’t give him what he needed.

And, just to top it off, a few glamour shots of Rad and Merckx at the new place: