I love walking.  I love walking so much that I used to have a blog that pretty much only documented the long (5+ mile) walks that I take.  That blog is now merged here, so you can back track through the archives and find a few posts with pictures and musings.

For now, I’m going to leave you with the side of Vegan MoFo you probably won’t find on most sites–nature.  As a vegan I think it’s impossible to not hold some sort of environmental awareness or affection close to your heart.  Yes, animal cruelty and all that jazz, but a vegan lifestyle is one of the most environmentally conscious lifestyles one can choose to have.

In fact, the environmental concern (thank you Wikipedia for defining “environmental vegetarianism” for me…) is why I became a vegetarian, and subsequently a vegan.  Well, that and being too poor to buy meat… It’s not that I don’t care about animal rights issues, it’s just that when I looked at the bigger picture, I realized that just selling my car (which I did in August 2006) wasn’t enough.  If I were  to claim a sustainable lifestyle as my goal, my eating habits would need to match up.

And that’s where walking comes in.  I sold my car in 2006 and have been riding my bike everywhere since then (which isn’t a small feat for Atlanta).  After several major accidents (one involving a SUV plowing into me), general fatigue, and a realization that my body hates me and that I’m doomed for early arthritis, I began to ride the bus more frequently.  But then I discovered the healing benefits of walking.  It takes me about 1 hour to walk just under 5 miles.  During that time I can enjoy beautiful weather, explore the native and horridly foreign plants in the neighborhood, drink coffee, think.  It’s rejuvenating as well as environmentally friendly.  I’d like to think that I get to see a side of Atlanta that very few people see.

So go try walking to the grocery store for MoFo.  Walk to your friend’s house.  Walk for the sake of walking.  And look around at the plants and animals in your neighborhood and thank them for being so damn awesome.