I’m not quite sure what I’d do without Liz. She makes cute vegan things, writes fabulous recipes (example soon to come!), and informs me of radtastic who-knew-it-could-be-vegan snacks. Thus, I provide for you a photo montage of my newest obsession–vegan Doritos. I’m afraid I may live on these chips during road trips, drinking binges, and the I’m-hungry-and-the-only-thing I have near to my house is a CVS days. The best thing is that she sent me this bag packed in my Etsy order and being from Canada it’s in French! Which I’ve highlighted because, really, seeing an alternative language on English packaging that isn’t Spanish is quite novel down here. So enjoy the junk food porn!

Sweet Chili Heat Doritos

Vegan with a touch of MSG thrown in (I know, I know, but I said it was junk food to start with)

Le Francais