First off, it’s National Feral Cat Day and where would I be without my Miss Dorian Gray?  A feral momma cat in my mother’s neighborhood left two tiny mewing furballs on her front porch this past June.  The kittens fit in the palm of my hand and I fell in love with a gray, huge-pawed, pink-mouthed kitten.  After trying to find a shelter who would take them (none, it was kitten season) or a friend (again, none), I agreed to take one of the kittens in to foster until I could find a home for her.  Well…it’s mid-October and she’s still hanging around.  I love her.  Even though she has the most piercing scream ever.  Even though she wakes me up at 6 in the morning, pouncing on my legs, biting my toes, and screaming to be fed.  Even though her fox-brush of a tail gets in my food whenever I eat.  I just love the bugger.

And now to the food.  The International Union of Bakers and Bakers-Confectioners is genius.  They made a World Day of Bread.  And today is the 3rd annual World Bread Day!  I’d like to blame my heritage (German) on my obsessive pursuit of the tastiest bread.  I mean, there is nothing, nothing, like a fresh baked loaf of bread sitting on my counter cooling off enough to slice and then slather Earth Balance on.  Nothing.  And given that it takes ~3 hours to make a loaf of bread, it’s a treat when I do make it.

This recipe started out with Warm Olivida with Thyme from the Food & Wine Magazine 2001 Cookbook, but then morphed into a whole wheat olivida loaf after I ate dinner with the poet at Wahoo and noshed on their olive bread all night.  The end result?  A tasty twist on my easy whole wheat recipe! (Oh, and sorry for the blurry picture…sometimes the camera just doesn’t like me!)

Thyme Olivida Bread

For the Olivida:

1 large garlic clove, smashed
4 tsp thyme leaves
2 cups mixed green and black olives, pitted and coarsely chopped
Fresh ground pepper

In a mortar, pound the garlic until pureed.  Add the thyme leaves and pound until pureed (or use 2 tsp ground thyme to bypass this step).  Add the pitted olives and pound until a coarse paste forms.

For the bread:

1 recipe of this Hostel Bread, but instead of adding any spices, mix in 1 cup of the olivida.

Slice the bread while warm and slather on some Earth Balance or use the remaining 1 cup of olivida–but heat the olivida in a pan with some olive oil until warm.