Confession: I didn’t eat black eyed peas and collards yesterday.  (And my 1st picture of 2009 is blurry.  Drat.)  But I did have a damn good brunch!  I spent New Year’s Eve in Birmingham with the poet’s family (let me just say, wow, it was an interesting night in a weird southern town–I’m a city girl, I’ll admit) and on New Year’s morning (err…noonish) we cooked up a big family brunch.  The menu included eggs and grits and bacon, but I whipped up some vegan french toast (baked, not fried), hashbrowns, and soysage.  All-in-all, a great way to greet the New Year!  2009…I think I’m ready for you?

I’m going to post a Boston round-up next, so hold your hats for that!