Oh my lord, did you miss me? I missed you guys, that much is for sure! Since my last post I have finished my thesis (during spring break, I pretty much just spring thesised), celebrated the long-awaited US release of The Letters of Samuel Beckett, Volume I, grew another year older (I won’t bore you with the age or make you feel any older than you are!), ate some great vegan food in Asheville (dinner at Rosetta’s, organic beer at Pisgah Brewery, brunch at Over Easy,), and have eaten a ton of hummus on corn tortillas to get through the days.

I’m not quite up to speed with life, but I wanted you all to know that I’m still around and I’m about to get back into commenting like a mad woman. For the meantime, enjoy this salivating picture of Vegan Dad’s Vegan Reuben Sandwich.

The poet’s favorite food-thing, besides a good po’boy, is a Reuben sandwich. So for St. Paddy’s Day I decided to make him a vegan version. Vegan Dad’s recipe was super simple and easy and, according to my meat-eating friends and poet, tasted pretty darn close to the real deal. Whether the meat is authentic or not, it sure tasted good! I have a thing for sauerkraut, so the whole ensemble, vegan Thousand Island Dressing and sauerkraut, gets major points in my book. After I ran out of “corned beef,” I used Kittee’s gluten log with spectacular results. Vegan mayo+sauerkraut+”meat”+pumpernickel or rye bread=heaven.

I’ll be back soon with recipes on a regular basis, but I think I need to get through figuring out where I’m going to grad school (my deadline is this Saturday, eep) and defending my thesis (next Tuesday morning) first. You know, all those little details in my life at the moment. (smile)

P.S. Ricki, over at Diet, Dessert, and Dogs is giving away maple syrup and a cake in honor of her new blog home!  Go check it out and enter the contest!