I need a few days to recuperate from the events of last week.  Two days in to in-person training, I was laid off by my teaching job.  No real reasons were given and I expect that it is a result of them hiring too many teachers and looking for any excuse to eliminate someone, and I, being one of the younger teachers, was therefore determined dispensable.  So I’ve been running around applying for minimum wage jobs hoping that I’ll find something that will cover my rent and bills for the following months.  I’m scared.  I need to admit it.  But, although I’m not very spiritual or religious anymore, I need to believe that everything works out for the better.

When I do return to the blogging world, in a few days at most, you can expect a recap of that lovely plate of food!  It’s from our Mother’s Day/my graduation weekend cook-out and my mom and I threw together some taaaasty treats.  Ironic that the two women being honored cooked most of the food, but hey, it tasted great!  And yes, you read right, I did graduate from college, magna cum laude at that.  Like I said, it’s been a long week.  Graduation on the Monday, laid off on the Thursday.  Ah, well.  I’m thinking about you all and when I have some blogging stamina I’ll be back in full form!