Post-Labor Day autumn blues are setting in. Don’t get me wrong, Fall is my favorite season and I’m itching for cooler weather, comfy sweaters, and bowls of steam-swirling stew. But I’m reluctant to say farewell to fresh basil and vine ripe tomatoes and juicy corn on the cob. While I don’t consider most summer dishes to be “comfort food,” there’s definitely something comforting in the fresh ease of preparing a meal based out of one’s backyard. So autumn, yes, I’m ready for you to settle in, but summer–you’re going to be missed.

As one of my last homages to the delightfully delicious, basil and tomato and zucchini (although no zucchinis in this recipe!) laden summer that I’ve had, I give you the Tomato Basil Polenta Stack. As I’ve said before, you just can’t go wrong with tomatoes–ripe, green and fried, or sun dried–and you certainly can’t go wrong with polenta. It’s just the most versatile dish!

These stacks are simply layers of fried polenta, fried green tomatoes, and fresh heirloom tomatoes, all sliced and stacked up. Served with a basil remoulade of sorts, the dish sums up my favorite parts of summer: smooth and soothing basil, fried foods, and tangy tomatoes. Hopefully next year we won’t be battling a blight and my garden plot will overflow with tomatoes–I’m afraid I’m already dreaming of next June.

Tomato Basil Polenta Stacks

For the stacks:
1 medium ripe tomato, thin sliced
1 medium green tomato, thin sliced and fried
1/4 recipe basil polenta, chilled overnight, then thin sliced

For the basil remoulade:
1/4 c vegan mayo
1/8 c minced basil
1/2 a dill pickle, minced
several shakes of your favorite hot sauce
1 tbsp spicy, whole grain mustard

Mix together all ingredients. Serve with the tomato polenta stacks and refrigerate any leftover sauce.

Serves 2.