I can’t believe it’s October 1 already–where has the time gone? Wasn’t it June, oh, two days ago? Are leaves really turning colors? And was it really, really, 45 degrees this morning when I woke up?

Not that I’m complaining–October is one of my favorite months of the year and I’m looking forward to exploring it in this new place with you all. Expect lots of new recipes–roasted veggies, apples apples apples, gluten free experiments!–tromps in the woods, and, as soon as I get back online next Monday, a recap of my time in Houston. Anyone have restaurant suggestions?

Right now, unfortunately, I don’t have a recipe to share–I forgot to upload my latest batch of photos before I left the house, and, while this amazing, free Wi-Fi in the Roanoke Regional Airport is amazing, it can’t teleport the images to me. Feel free to browse last year’s posts at your leisure and I’m looking forward to hitting the MoFo ground and running come Monday!