It’s good to be home.  I never thought I’d call Roanoke, Virginia, home, but, well, I’ve said it.  But really, landing on the tarmac today was a breath of relief.  Less than two months in to this “small town” (medium-sized town, but small for my citygirl experience), I found myself in big-city-overload as soon as I hit the Charlotte airport.  Then Houston?  It’s amazing I didn’t break down.  To celebrate home-coming, I jumped in my car and drove up the mountain to Floyd.  Tromping around the paths surrounding Full Circle Organic Farm and then sitting in a field and letting the mountain air wash over me, everything felt better.

So, sit back, relax, and follow me around this local farm I’ve come to love.  Center your self for the upcoming week.  We’ve got a lot to post food wise, but for the moment, let’s meditate on the environment it comes from.  It’s Vegan MoFo Vegan Walking 2009!