Happy National Noodle Day everyone!  Aren’t food holidays hilarious?  I mean, really, who needs a noodle day?  Every day is noodle day for me!  But it is a good intro to a planned post I had archived for MoFo.  And I’m not willing to be the one to bash a food holiday.  Anything that celebrates the preparation and pleasure of cooking is a’ok in my book.

Like pretty much everyone else on the planet (although I did meet someone once who hated noodles), I adore noodles. They’re just so easy to cook up and with the various sauces and veggies and goodness you can mix into them, they’re on of the most versatile ingredients. Out of all the noodles, I’m a huge fan of rice noodles. Ever since I figured out how to cook them properly I’ve been eating them as much as I can (which always depends on my proximity to an Asian market). Fortunately (unfortunately?) I live fairly close to one (or five) here in Roanoke, so I can keep my fix. Generally I find that rice noodles come in the various regular forms–vermicelli, wide, and thin–but the other day I came across a new kind: rice macaroni noodles. Oh my cuteness! I had to buy them.

The rice macaroni noodles cooked up easily enough–just throw them in boiling water and wait till they’re cooked through–and tasted delicious with Vegan Yum Yum’s Hurry Up Alfredo sauce. With some local purple broccoli and salty, delicious capers thrown in, the meal was perfectly satisfying, not to mention quick and easy–and inadvertently gluten-free too!