Guess where I am for the weekend? Yup, Richmond! Every couple of months (or, well, every month) I have to hit up a real city and get my fill of yummy vegan food, good microbrew, and awesome graveyards.

This time I decided to get my hair cut at Pine Street Barber Shop with Cupid, the awesomest hair stylist I think I’ve ever had. His hair cut rocked and he definitely understood how to work with curls. Plus the prices are definitely grad student friendly, so it’s worth hitting up if you’re in the area.

While I was there, guess who was in the barber chair next to me–armed with the most delicious coconut-chocolate-gluten-free cookie goodness?

Jessy! She was gettin’ her hair colored and cut and I almost flipped out when I realized it was her. Vegan blogger meet-up at the barber shop! We chatted it up and she mentioned some great places to grab some food–specifically this awesome all-vegan Chinese place on the same block as Ipanema. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go there this trip, but next time I’m definitely finding it.

After I got my ‘do done, the photographer and I headed over to 821 Cafe for some brunchy eats. Last time I was super pleased with my vegan french toast, but it wasn’t available this time, so I branched out and got the vegan rancheros–two or three tortillas piled high with tofu scramble, black beans, pico de gallo, and salsa–with their luscious potatoes and super good vegan sausage on the side.

Bellies filled, we tromped off to Hollywood Cemetery, the final resting place of Presidents Monroe and Tyler and the “real” President (in the Commonwealth’s eyes, at least), Jefferson Davis. Davis’ gravesite kicks Monroe and Taylor’s ass–he and his wife and daughter have angels and statues and flags. Monroe and Tyler just have regular looking tombs with plaques.

The weekend is only half over, so who knows what other goodness I’ll be getting into. Trader Joe’s, of course, is definitely on the list. I need to stock up on 2 buck chuck (which is actually $3.29 these days–geez, how dare they increase the price?). With the beautiful sunny and relatively warm weather we’re having, it’s definitely a good weekend.

Hope everyone is enjoying yours!